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As part of the global Encore Network, EncoreATL is committed to performing three core functions:

  1. CONNECTING encore leaders in the Atlanta area for collective impact;

  2. ENGAGING individuals 50+ to have a more positive impact on the Atlanta community;

  3. TRANSFORMING our longer lives into a valuable asset.

Expanded Vision

The strategies used to deliver on these functions will evolve over time. Members of EncoreATL will play an active role in crafting the long term vision of the alliance. Described below are various initiatives that members will evaluate and prioritize over the next several months:

  • Advocacy Group > Members supporting projects or organizations that enhance the quality of life (livability) for everyone in the Atlanta area
  • B2B > Facilitating business to business relationships among members
  • Best Practices > Sharing best practices with other organizations that are part of the Encore Movement
  • Business Incubator > Members helping other members get their businesses going and growing. Eventually, this could be expanded to provide similar services to non-member entrepreneurs and small business owners in the community. Something like SCORE.
  • Discounts > Leveraging the collective purchasing power of members to negotiate discounts on relevant goods and services such as restaurants, travel, etc.
  • Encore Directory > In addition to the members-only Member Directory, EncoreATL could create a directory of service providers that serve the 50+ community. Something like an Angie's List for Atlanta's 50+ community.
  • Grants & Scholarships > Helping local organizations with fundraising and/or establishing a scholarship fund. This could include members and non-members.
  • Health & Wellness Resources > Providing members with access to professionals and other resources that fall into this core category. This could be tied to the B2B an Encore Directory initiatives described above.
  • Innovation Lab > Harnessing the knowledge and experience of members to come up with innovative solutions. Members would define the focus and scope of this initiative. 
  • Learning Community > Providing members with access to a variety of learning opportunities such as guest speakers, lectures on relevant topics, etc. Speakers could be members or non-members. This could evolve into a speaker's bureau of sorts.
  • Marketplace > Providing members with a place sell their good and services. This could be to members (B2B) or non-members (B2C).
  • Social Club > Providing members with opportunities to socialize with each other including social events, educational events, volunteer projects, innovation lab sessions, etc.
  • Travel Club > Providing members with opportunities to travel with each other. This could be tied to several initiatives above including B2B, Discounts, Health & Wellness, etc.
  • Volunteer Corp > Marshaling the individual and collective resources of our members to make a difference in the community. Members would prioritize and select projects based on local needs, preferences, etc.
Again, these are some ways that EncoreATL might serve its members and the community over time. As a member, you will have the opportunity to craft the vision and create the initial structure for the organization. That includes evaluating and prioritizing the initiatives described above. If you would like to get involved please join us or support us and please encourage your 50+ friends to do the same.

Laying the Foundation in 2019

It is important to know that EncoreATL is brand new. The Encore Movement has been around for years but the Atlanta initiative just got started in December 2018. Our goal is to build a high quality alliance that will last. Members of will derive meaningful benefits and they will have a positive impact on the community. EncoreATL will be part innovation lab, part business networking group and part social club. The idea is to build something that is fun and fulfilling for our members. Right now, we are focused on getting some great people on board, a core group, that will help lay the foundation to the future. If you would like to be part of that core group, please join us.



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245 North Highland Avenue
Suite 230 #189
Atlanta, Georgia 30307


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EncoreATL is a proud member of the Encore Network, a coalition of encore leaders and organizations that provides resources, visibility and connections to strengthen its members’ work to turn the talent of 50+ adults into an asset for society.

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